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Lean Project Tracking Types

Lean Project Tracking Types

Every software development project requires proper management. Lean projects are no exception. Some software developers wonder: “What are Lean project tracking tools?” Before answering this question it is necessary to find the proper definition for project tracking in software development.

Project tracking is also called project monitoring. It is the second stage of project management process. Two other stages are called project planning and project control. The process of project management begins at the initial stage of every software development project. It is required to define the tasks of the team for the period of project realization and the terms of product delivery. After the plan is formulated, the stage of project tracking begins. It lasts until the final product is delivered to the customer. The main goal of project tracking is to detect all problems with plan implementation. After the problems are detected, they are eliminated at the stage of project control. After that the developers test the final or intermediate software product to make sure that problems with plan implementation didn’t lead to defects in it.

As we can see, project tracking is only a stage of the project management process. That is why there is no special software for Lean project tracking. However, there are lots of project management tools for Lean in modern software market. All of them are capable of performing the function of project tracking. That is because of their ability to visualize the workflow of software development teams in form of charts, diagrams, and schemes. It is extremely convenient to track your project if its progress is visualized. Lean project management applications reflect even the smallest alterations in your workflow, so you are capable of detecting all problems with plan implementation and project realization.

Modern specialists define two types of Lean project management applications: free and paid Lean tools. Each of these categories is subdivided into web-based and stationary applications.

Most modern developers prefer to use free web-based Lean project management tools. That is not only because of their price. Such applications usually have extremely convenient interface, so the programmers don’t need to spend much time on learning it.

However, some specialists use paid Lean tools because of their wider functionality. Such applications are perfect solutions for experienced developers.

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