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Kanban Project Management: Key Principles to Follow

Kanban Project Management: Key Principles to Follow

Kanban project management methodology is one of the most modern and effective ways of project management. It is based on the use of Kanban software that is designed to improve the effectiveness of all activities of the software development teams. The Kanban project management software list has many items. All of them are Kanban tools that were designed especially for adaptation of Kanban method to software development industry. These tools are the means of Kanban project management.

However, project management with Kanban has turned into an independent management strategy in recent years. Its popularity grows year after year because of its effectiveness. Today managing a project in a Kanban style is the best way to make it successful and profitable. Such projects have already created a good image for a large number of software development companies all over the world. This article was written to tell you about the specific features of using Kanban for project management. All of them are based on the main function of Kanban software – the analytics. Kanban tools allow the companies that use them to make faithful analytical conclusions out of their activities and to plan their further work in the best way possible in order to achieve success.

So what is a Kanban approach to project management? Let’s find out.

Generally, Kanban project management is aimed at improving the predictability of the project and its chances to be performed without exceeding the budget. As the result – Kanban management improves the project’s outcomes. The higher predictability and outcomes are available due to the particular activities of a project manager. He is the main person in the Kanban strategy of project management.

The manager has to lead the project based on the data of Kanban tools. But it is not as simple as it may appear. To ensure effective Kanban project management he has not only to analyze the data provided by the special software but also to act according to the principles of a special management strategy. It includes not only the sphere of technical improvements but also the sphere of personal approaches to work.

The basic principle of Kanban project management is to make the policy explicit. It means that a manager must facilitate and implement the best practices of risk management. His role in the concept of Kanban project management is much more extended. Unlike the managers in other projects, he must perform such tasks as planning and organizing meetings. He is also responsible for the change management and issue management.

The main thing is that the use of Kanban may strongly influence the initial plan of the project’s realization. It means that some of the initial tasks may become irrelevant during the process of work. Kanban tools will show that, and the project manager will have to make a decision. In such situations, he is the man who should decide how to fix the situation and meet all the deadlines. That makes the work of a manager on Kanban based projects much more complex than on the projects that use other approaches to software development improvement.

The work of a project manager with Kanban is based on the principle of three “S”: selection, sequencing, and scheduling. As we can see, all of the components of this principle are based on the main features of Kanban software tools. The Kanban project management methodology is based on analysis, predictability, and finding non-standard solutions for problems that occur during the realization of the project.

The companies that use Kanban for management are able to achieve good results, but only if they have the right people on the positions of project managers.

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