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If you are a software developer, you definitely use issue tracking applications. That is because of the fact that software development is a complex industry and programmers often make mistakes while writing the initial code of the product. Issue tracking applications are required to detect these errors and other issues that can be improved. Many beginners in software development wonder: “What is an issue tracking application?” In this article we will try to answer it properly. But before doing that we must find the definition for an issue in software development.

Actually, everything that goes wrong in the final product can be defined as an issue. Bugs or defects are the most famous types of issues. They can affect the final product seriously. That is why they should be detected and removed from it as soon as possible. But not all issues are defects. Anything that can be improved in the final product is an issue. Hence, an issue is a wider term than a bug.

So what is an issue tracking app? The answer is quite simple. Nevertheless, it has lots of aspects that should be covered in this article.

An issue tracker is an app created to detect issues, report on them, and fix them. It also can make issue lists that help the team avoid similar issues during its future work.

The process of issue tracking, or issue management as it is also called, is subdivided into several stages.

First of all the issue is detected. Modern issue tracking apps provide the developers all necessary functionality for that.

After that the issue is reported. With issue tracking tools this operation can also be automated.

At the next stage the issue is fixed and the product is tested one more time to make sure that everything works properly.

Then the issue list is created. As we have already mentioned, it is required to avoid similar issues in the future.

A good issue tracking application must perform all above mentioned functions perfectly. But what is the best issue tracking app? Let’s find out.

Most people agree that best issue tracking applications must be web-based.

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