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Customer Issue Tracking Software

Customer Issue Tracking Software

Issue tracking is vital to any software development project. Modern developers usually conduct it by using special issue tracking tools. These applications allow them to simplify the process of issue tracking and save their time for other important tasks. The functionality of modern issue trackers is extremely wide. They can conduct all stages of the issue tracking process automatically. Human involvement into the process is minimal. However, it is anyway required.

Generally, all issue tracking tools can be subdivided into two categories: developer issue tracking software, and customer issue tracking software.

Developer issue tracking tools are designed for professional software developers. They are used if the team wants to test the final product themselves. Such issue trackers usually have wider functionality. They are able to perform lots of tasks like issue reporting and formulation of issue lists without human involvement.

Customer issue tracking systems are designed for cases when the software product is tested by the customers or the final users. Such issue tracking tools are focused on the function of issue reporting. As the customer detects an issue, the system helps him to report about it.

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