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8 Cost-Free Ways for Leaders to Increase Employee Engagement

8 Cost-Free Ways for Leaders to Increase Employee Engagement

The recent study shows that being treated with respect has even a bigger impact on employees than opportunities for growth, learning and development. Those employees who get respect from their leaders show 56% better health, 89% greater job satisfaction, 92% better focus – thus, those who feel respected are more likely to be engaged and  stay with their organisation.

Unfortunately, over 50% of employees report that they don’t get respect from their leaders. And as a result, it leads to  less engagement, more turnover, less focus and productivity, and greater health care costs.

Negative effects of feeling disrespected

  • Increased tension
  • Increased turnover
  • Low engagement
  • Conflicts

8 cost-free ways leaders can show respect

#1. Listen carefully to your employees, repeat their point of view in your own words and ask if get it right.

#2. Learn to understand and accept things that are important for others, even if they are not important for you.

#3. Don’t ‘dance around’ people as it shows that you are superior and they are weak. Be open and direct with others.

#4. Pay attention, e.g. stop your work for a second when someone enters the office and greet this person (stand up, say their name, etc.)

#5. Don’t forget to show your approval when your employees do well in at least one area.

#6. Don’t just say “good job”. Explain what they’ve done right and why it’s so important.

#7. Thank a lot, even for the smallest help or achievement. It may seem insignificant to you but it means the world for your employees.

#8. Honour respectful behaviours at work. Set the right example for you employees and they will follow the lead.

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