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4 Important Reasons Why Your Marketing Team Should Go Agile

4 Important Reasons Why Your Marketing Team Should Go Agile

Accordingly to the marketing experts’ opinions, you will be in a better position if you can quickly identify and adapt to changes in your environment. Of course, you can apply classic marketing strategies, with obtaining conditional plans and quasi-scenarios but these plans will be effective, as much as events are predictable.

The purpose of Agile marketing

It is not an easy task to define what agile marketing is. In brief, the agile marketing is a quick approach that drives the marketing gets done and a methodology about ‘how’ marketing gets done. Agile marketing teams operate somewhat different than traditional marketing organizations. They perform smaller campaigns that are quick to create, test, launch and evaluate, instead of long-ranged campaigns that take time to implement. They also involve a lot of people doing several things to contribute to the campaign, instead of single members doing a lot of things.

The agile marketing departments should possibly look like an ant colony creating an ant farm. All ants work together doing multiple little tasks towards a common goal. In this article, we present some of the reasons why agile marketing is very important.

1. It’s efficient: It is evident that the businesses that are most successful also have large marketing departments. That doesn’t mean they’re doing marketing at its best, it’s just a result of the world we live in. The famous brands are perceived to have more quality and ability than the brands we don’t know. For example, if you’re thirsty in a foreign country and see a Pepsi logo you know what you’re going to get. Not all of their marketing approaches work – they just use marketing – rather faster and more frequently than their competition. That’s a reason to establish an agile marketing team. Such a team will give you a complete campaign, implemented and evaluated at a fast speed, without many obstructions. This team can also make changes to the campaign on the fly while the campaign is active.

Of course, if you want to keep your agile marketing team efficient you can outsource some parts of the campaign. In some cases, your marketing team could accomplish all of your marketing tasks needs in the house (tasks like graphic design, writing, and a bunch of other “skills”), but the marketing department needs to get a break from time to time. If you change the marketing approach to an agile approach – that will bring the focus on what your department is good, such as the technical skills, which will lower the total marketing spending.

2. It’s effective: Today all marketing departments are bombarded with offers and services. In reality, marketing organizations are stuck somewhere between different project they are doing, and a lot of items that are on the horizon. Adopting the agile approach to marketing – will allow your team the flexibility to change their marketing tools, based on what the client is looking for. Also, the modern marketing tools are often data-driven, so it is very easy to track how successful are the different marketing tactics and campaigns, and whether or not they should be applied again. Applying the agile marketing organization will keep your focus on the future – where your next set of potential leads and customers will be coming from.

3. It will lower your costs: If your marketing team adopts agile approach it will get cheaper to manage and run it. All associated labor costs needed for design, writing, development or management will decrease as you build out best practices in your marketing department and get organized. The decrease of the marketing operations cost – may even release your budget for paid promotional steps. The agile marketing team is always able to streamline the flow and iterate their marketing tactics quickly. They always come up with creative landing pages, building websites, or constructing marketing automation tactics. Thus, you will achieve return-on-investment in every aspect of the marketing process.

4. It’s booming: In theory to develop a marketing campaign from start to end – should not take very long. Maybe – days or weeks and certainly not months. So if you get a fixed 3-year marketing plan by a marketing agency (created on behalf of a company) – it may look very long. Marketing approaches today differ on platforms and in areas that no one in the marketing world could understand. The environment changes quicker than the tactics do. In the past – when marketers seemed to understand how to win business (e.g. social media), a new platform appeared. Even if you have the best marketers they could only know 5% or 10% more than the knowledge of non-marketers. Thus, they should learn continuously. That’s why the agile marketing approach needs to become the norm for your marketing department. That’s what smart marketers are already doing.

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