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Use Hygger to deliver more value in less time with Scrum or Kanban iterations

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Define what's important for your customers and then build it using Scrum or Kanban

Сollect and Organize Ideas

Collect ideas from your customers and team and map them on existing features or create new ones.

Perform Value/Effort Prioritization

Discover the best insights and ideas using Value and Efforts factors and promote the winners to features.

Make Estimation

Estimate efforts on selected features using Story Points, Hours or both of them.

Perform Features Scoring

Score features by your own criteria aligned with your strategy and select the right features from the top of the list.

Develop Selected Features on Kanban Board

Implement full-featured Kanban approach on a Hygger Kanban Boards with time tracking, Work in Progress limits, Swimlanes, Sub-columns, Columns of different categories and more.

Develop Selected Features on Sprint Board

Implement Scrum on Hygger Sprint boards that include sprint backlog, story points estimation, advanced progress tracker, burndown charts, velocity and sprints release reports.

Use WIP Limits

Limit the number of tasks that are in progress right now and define bottlenecks in your processes.

Use Swimlanes

Allocate and categorize really important tasks and bugs from the total amount of tasks within your boards.

Track your progress

Use Burndown and Velocity reports for real-time monitoring of a release. See the time tracking report for accounting and payroll.

Everything you need to succeed in an uncertain environment

Burndown Charts

Track your Sprints progress on Burndown chart and see whether you manage to meet deadlines.

Velocity Reports

Determine your team's velocity and estimate the work your team can likely achieve in future sprints.

WIP Limits

Limit the number of tasks that are in progress and determine bottlenecks in your processes.

Sprint Release Reports

Make regular retrospectives for completed Sprints. See the actual work done during the Sprint and adjust your future estimations.

Versions and Releases

Plan and control project tasks and sprints through the entire release cycle.

Time Tracking with Reports

Track your team performance and generate detailed reports.

Column types, Swimlanes and Labels

Organize tasks on your boards using Columns, Swimlanes and Labels.

Story Points and Hours Estimation

Estimate tasks using Story Points, Hours or both of them.


Get only the team updates you need, instead of a flood of unwanted messages.

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Build, measure and learn with Hygger.

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