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Why You Should Work with True Believers – and Ignore the Rest

Why You Should Work with True Believers – and Ignore the Rest

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” The above proverb by Henry Ford can very well highlight the importance of teamwork. Every member depends on their fellow colleagues and through working together can contribute efficiently to company success.

Teams are formed of individuals who often have different tastes, preferences, attitudes. Real teamwork begins when they share a common vision and work together for a common goal. There are true believers who are committed to the challenge, feel they can make a difference and demonstrate how it can be done. But what if you have to deal with non-believers?

People who don’t believe in your vision will never help you achieve it.

Unfortunately, one unbeliever has more power than many passionate believers. As a leader, you should not waste your time convincing unbelievers – instead, work with true believers and encourage weak believers to come over to your side.

How to spot a non-believer

There are two simple questions that can help you spot non-believers:

  • Does this person believe in your vision?
  • Does this person fuel the process or slow it down?

5 Principles When Dealing with Non-Believers

#1. Ignore non-believers

The goal of a non-believer is to slow down or even stop the process. So nothing they say will move the process forward.

#2. No policy of appeasement

There is no need to change or slow down your processes to please non-believers. They won’t be happy until you fail.

#3. Distract ill-willers

Try to move non-believers out of the way by giving assignments to distract them.

#4. Protect your team

Destruction is much easier than construction. So don’t pollute your team of believers with even one non-believer.

#5. Mind people at the top

If top stakeholders don’t believe in what you’re working to create, try to convince them. However, if it’s not worth bleeding for, distract or work around them.

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