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What is a Scrum Team?

What is a Scrum Team?

Scrum team is the main and the only organization form of Scrum software developers. Like the Scrum method itself, it is organized in a different way than the traditional software development team. You will find no standard roles in a Scrum team. There are no programmers or architects. Each developer is just a Scrum team member. Interchangeability is one of the best Scrum team practices. Each developer must have his own specialization, but he also must know something of the specialties of other team members to help them in case of a deadline.

Scrum team definition.

What exactly is a Scrum team? The answer to this question is quite simple. The Scrum team is a group of Scrum software developers that is organized to perform various projects. Flexibility, interchangeability, and high professional level are the main features of the Scrum team members. The Scrum teams are small compared to the traditional groups of developers. Usually a Scrum team includes from 5 to 10 people. If there are more people in your Scrum team, it is better to subdivide it into two different teams to improve the efficiency of the software development process. A Scrum team requires strong communication channels among its members, and it is hard to cooperate effectively in a large group.

That is why the Scrum teams are sometimes organized in large conglomerates to run big projects. In such cases the work of independent Scrum teams is coordinated with the help of meetings which are called Scrums of Scrums. The main idea of such meetings is that each independent Scrum team sends its representative to participate in them. These gatherings are like the everyday Scrums that are conducted by each Scrum team. But there is no need to conduct them every day during the work on a large project. Usually a Scrum of Scrums takes place twice a week. It is enough to coordinate the actions of separate Scrum teams during the sprints.

Scrum team responsibilities

In a typical Scrum team all the responsibilities are subdivided between people who perform three roles: the Product Owner, the ScrumMaster, and the Scrum team.

The Product Owner is actually the customer. His main task is to formulate his requirements to the final product. The Product Owner is strongly involved into the Scrum process at all stages. He is the only person who estimates the results of the Scrum team’s work. Usually the intermediate results are presented to the Product Owner at the end of every sprint. The Scrum team can plan its further work only after he evaluates the results of the previous sprint.

The ScrumMaster is the person who coordinates all the activities of the Scrum team. He is not a formal leader, because a Scrum team has no hierarchical structure. However, he is responsible for performing the project in the best way possible. One of the main tasks of the ScrumMaster is to analyze all the advantages and disadvantages of the Scrum team’s work. Organization of retrospectives at the end of each sprint is also his responsibility.

The Scrum team is responsible for software development process and its results. All the Scrum teams are independent and all their members are interchangeable. Along with its daily software development work the Scrum team performs a number of organizational tasks. At the beginning of each sprint it creates the sprint plan from the items of the sprint backlog. It also organizes meetings known as everyday Scrums. The main goal of these meetings is to see the progress of work and to solve problems if they occur.

Any Scrum team problems like the failure to comply with deadlines can be identified in time due to the type of Scrum team activities organization.

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