What is the Role of Prioritization in Crisis Management?

No one has immune to a crisis. This is especially truthful these days, right? Recent examples of global floods, wildfires in Australia and coronavirus spread have shown that a crisis may come from anywhere and it does not have to obligatory come from economical challenges. 

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How to Empower Your Productivity with Popular Prioritization Approaches

All projects require setting clear priorities. No matter what industry or company you represent, knowing how to prioritize work affects the success of your business and a separate project. Read More

4+ Types of Powerful Prioritization Matrix That Help to Score Your Product

Prioritization is an important element of successful business management, especially when specialists are not only guided by their own intuition but also use different techniques or so-called prioritization matrix patterns.

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4+ Top of Project Management Best Practices

The character of a project management is self-explanatory: it is one of the key professional units in the entire project development industry. Successful work execution and achievement of the assigned goals depend largely on which tools are preferred in the workflow.

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Weighted Scoring: Decide Objectively What Features and Projects to Do Next

You may find many ways to work out the order in which your features or ideas should be brought to life. Something that your customer mentioned just the other day, must be the most important right now. Have you faced such cases? Read More

How ICE Score Method Helps to Choose Better Product Features

In case you have several important and urgent features to implement, which one would you choose? This relevant question concerning prioritization is at the heart of product management. Read More

RICE Scoring: Quick Prioritization for Product Managers

Any product manager faces the challenge of prioritization while planning product roadmaps. How to decide properly what to work on first? Read More

How to Prioritize Product Features? Guide for Product Managers

Choosing the right features for development, filtering the most important of them and skipping less urgent ones – it is all about the Art of Prioritization Read More