9 Fresh Ideas About How to Motivate Employees

Do you know managers who admit that they devote not enough attention to their teams, weakly motivate employees and put productivity and effectiveness on the last place? Read More

9 Secrets to Effective Teamwork

Managing projects requires the strengths of each team member. It’s critical for project managers to know that everyone in the team is working together toward common goals. Read More

Stakeholders in Project Management: Their Contribution to The Common Cause

Project creation is a real big job. This process usually requires not only large financial and labor investment but also the assistance from other involved persons called as stakeholders.

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Fantastic Trio: How Can Program Manager, Product Manager and Project Manager Collaborate Together?

There are so many different roles in the project development, and it is so easy to get lost in their concepts and responsibilities. Now it is the time to sift this question to the bottom!

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Why is Professional Communication Critical for Any Business?

Effective professional communication is critical nowadays. Most problems and incisive situations in companies arise because of poor communication. Successful communication is an art that ensures a smooth flow of ideas, facts, and right decisions. Read More

It Is All For The Win: Stand Up Meeting Best Practices

The term ‘stand up’ has been staying popular for last ten or even more years, and it has a plenty of different meanings. In combination with the word ‘meeting’ it becomes a specific kind of daily team meetings that is definitely worth to be considered.

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Beneficial Tips on How to Manage a Proper Cross-Functional Collaboration

There is one statement that variety is the very spice of life. But when a variety comes to any business processes, it may become the start of big changes, for example, such as a cross-functional collaboration – what a real spectrum!

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Top 10 Best Group Meeting Apps for Business

Working meetings are the traditional element in the workflow and it often happens when many employees work remotely, or the company has several offices in different cities and even countries. Therefore, such daily or weekly meetings are organized with the help of special  applications for group calls and videoconferences.

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5 Types of Teams. What’s Your Choice?

Different types of companies have logically provoked the evolution of different types of teams. Some of the teams are permanent and others are temporary. Some are part of the corporate hierarchy, others are adjunct. Read More