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Successful Use of Bug Management Tools

Successful Use of Bug Management Tools

There is no software development project in modern world that can be managed without bug management tools.

Bug management is a complex process that is usually conducted at the stage of product testing. Its main idea is to remove all bugs from the final product before it is delivered to the customer. Bugs occur in all software development projects at all stages of work. That is because software development is a very complex industry.

The process of bug management (also called bug tracking) has several stages.

First of all, the bugs must be detected in the process of testing. The tests may be conducted either by the team of developers, or by the final users. Regardless of the test type, its main goal is to detect all bugs in the product.

After that the bugs should be reported. A bug report is a document that contains all necessary information on the bug, including the data on its type and on the person who detected it.

Then the bug should be fixed. After its correction the product is tested one more time to make sure that it works properly.

At the last stage of the bug management process the bug list is created. This list includes all bugs that were detected during the project. Its main idea is to collect bug examples, and fix similar bugs in the future in a similar way.

A good bug management tool can perform all the abovementioned tasks. This software was designed to simplify the work of software developers during the testing process. Early bug management tools could only simplify the process of bug reporting and creating bug lists. Modern bug tracking systems have a much wider functionality. In most cases they can be used not only at the stage of bug reporting, but also at the stage of bug detection. Some systems can even test the developed product without human involvement. That is why most modern bug management systems can be used as project management tools.

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