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Stop Defending What Isn’t Working

Stop Defending What Isn’t Working

Most teams have had products or worked on projects that were launched with fundamental errors. It’s always hard to admit that something you’ve put so much time and effort in, is never going to work as planned and pay off. After all, who wants to admit their failure? No wonder so many of us tend to blame others and vigorously defend what isn’t working.

It definitely takes courage to call it quits. In this article, we’re going to discuss a simple practice that will help you detect when something has become a waste of resources and focus on new beginnings.

Three mistakes that lead to regret:

  • Believing you’re right (even though what you’re doing isn’t working)
  • Isolating yourself and rejecting any commonsense reasoning
  • Investing more effort into the same old strategies

What can you do instead?

There is a simple technique suggested by Heather Horvath, HR Director at All4 Inc: “If you have been spinning your wheels, it might be time to introduce a third party.”

#1. ‘New eyes’ state the obvious

A third party is a newcomer, which means this person will be able to take a more objective look at your development and point out when you are stuck (aka s/he will say the same things but in a new way).

#2. ‘New eyes’ create positive discomfort

Whenever a new person enters the conversation, it always brings a little discomfort (which is a good thing when you’re stuck). This makes you step beyond the comfort zone and expand your confidence to take risks and try new things.

#3. ‘New eyes’ mean new feedback

As a newcomer, a third party will be able to provide informative feedback from outside – what’s working and what is not serving you well.

#4. ‘New eyes’ bring new ideas

New people bring new ideas, new urgencies and a different way of thinking and acting. It leads to aha-moments (“I never thought of that!”) and helps get a new perspective on your values and what you really want.

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