How to Win Over Investors for Your Startup – Part 2

In the previous article, we discussed preparation activities before pitching your business for funding, different types of investors and how to find and connect with them.

In Part 2, we’ll have a look at how you can create a perfect pitch to attract potential investors and the most common reasons why pitching fails. Read More

How to Win Over Investors for Your Startup – Part 1

If you ever pitched startup investors, you know how hard it is. Investors want to bet on a winning horse – company that will become profitable in the long-term. Nobody wants to lose money but that’s the risk you take betting on horse races. And the same applies to investing in startups. Read More

Programming Quotes #103

If you think your users are idiots, only idiots will use it. – Linus Torvalds

Programming Quotes #102

The next best thing to having good ideas is recognizing good ideas from your users. Sometimes the latter is better. – Eric Raymond

Programming Quotes #101

The computing scientist’s main challenge is not to get confused by the complexities of his own making. — Edsger Dijkstra

Programming Quotes #100

A language that doesn’t affect the way you think about programming is not worth knowing. – Alan Perlis

Programming Quotes #99

Active programming consists of the design of new programs, rather than contemplation of old programs. – Niklaus Wirth

Programming Quotes #98

You cannot teach beginners top-down programming because they don’t know which end is up. – Tony Hoare

Programming Quotes #97

If you think it’s simple, then you have misunderstood the problem. – Bjarne Stroustrup