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Leadership Secrets: Is It Your Job to Make Your Team Happy?

Leadership Secrets: Is It Your Job to Make Your Team Happy?

A recent research by the University of Warwick found that there is a link between employees’ happiness and their productivity at work. In fact, happy employees show a 12% spike in productivity, while their unhappy colleagues are 10% less productive.

Nowadays many companies are willing to invest in their employees to create an atmosphere of happiness and satisfaction at work. And they already see the results – when employees feel positive, their brain works much better; they are more creative, more collaborative and better at solving problems.

Team leaders play a crucial role when it comes to employees’ satisfaction because their behaviour and attitude may promote happiness, as well as unhappiness.

5 ways leaders promote unhappiness

#1. Telling people only what you don’t like and don’t want.

#2. Being a perfectionist and accepting nothing less than that.

#3. Pointing out only people’s weaknesses and failing to provide support to them.

#4. Punishing people rather than encouraging them.

#5. Making people work all the time – no fun, just work.

6 ways leaders can inspire happiness

#1. Encourage trust and transparency

Transparency and trust help to eliminate secrets and increase employee’s loyalty. Employees are encouraged to speak their mind rather than hold back – and this is when they come with the best ideas and solutions.

#2. Listen

Listening costs you nothing. But it’s extremely important to show your employees that you really care and understand them.

#3. Value your employees

Remind your employees that their work is meaningful and how much what they do means to the company.

#4. Celebrate your employees’ strengths

There are no people who are good at everything, We all have weaknesses, but as a great leader you should celebrate your employees’ strengths and give them relevant tasks that will unlock their potential.

#5. Delegate

Learn to be less controlling and start to delegate. This is a great way to bring out the best in employees and help them work on areas that they’re not as strong in.

#6. Appreciate

Tell your employees how much you value them and their contribution – no special occasion is necessary. In fact, small tokens of your appreciation help people feel valued all year long.

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