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Kanban Principles: What You Need To Know Before Implementing Kanban

Kanban Principles: What You Need To Know Before Implementing Kanban

Kanban is software that can be used in any sphere, including software development. Its main goal is to increase execution efficiency. Usually, Kanban software helps the teams of developers and their companies to meet the terms and improve their time management. However, this is not the only goal of Kanban. Generally, it can be useful in any sphere of the company’s activity. Like any other software designed to improve the working process Kanban has a number of constant principles. This article is meant to give clarification about some of them.

What are these Kanban principles?

  • First of all the principles of Kanban are main features of its implementation into the work of your company. The software needs to have some initial conditions to start working for the company and achieving its goal. Below we will try to review all the basic Kanban principles and see how they work. To implement Kanban technologies into your company you should start with the things you do now. Kanban does not require making changes in your software developing process from the very beginning of its use. First of all, you should see what processes work good, and what processes require improvement. This is the first Kanban principle.
  • The second requirement you need to meet in order to implement Kanban tools is an agreement of your management for evolutionary changes. Some companies are fully satisfied with their work. They have no need to implement Kanban software tools. For others the changes are vital. Kanban software development tools cannot be implemented if the company does not want to conduct incremental changes. However, implementing sweeping changes is also not the best way to implement Kanban, so it is better to make them evolutionary.
  • The third principle of Kanban software implementation is the respect for current roles, titles, and positions. Some employees of your company may be afraid of losing their positions, titles, or other roles in the company’s hierarchy after the changes are made. In such cases, the main principle of implementing Kanban software is the respect for your employees. A manager who wants to implement Kanban software and improve the effectiveness of the company’s work must communicate with his employees and explain that the changes will not lead to the elimination of their professional roles.

Visualization of the workflow is the main principle of Kanban system. If you decide to implement Kanban technologies at your company, visualization of the workflow must be the first thing you do. Visualization, along with other Kanban principles and practices, helps the company improve the quality of its work by providing the necessary data to analyze its activities. It helps to generate new information about the process of work and implement the results of this analysis in your company’s everyday activity.

The next step after visualizing your workflow is its management. This Kanban principle means allows you to manage not only the working process but also its effectiveness. Your goal is to improve the speed of the workflow and its smoothness. These two indicators are the main criteria to estimate the effectiveness of your work according to the Kanban methodology. If you conduct a faithful workflow analysis and manage it in a way that will increase its speed and smoothness, your company will achieve its goals and become more successful.

These are the main, but not the only principles of Kanban software implementation. We hope that they will be useful to you while improving the effectiveness of your company’s work. Kanban software is one of the best ways to do that.

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