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Can Product Managers Earn More Than Developers?


If a product is an airplane, then a product manager is the co-pilot of this plane. The first pilot is CEO. This analogy is rather relevant today because, in many software development companies, product management attracts much attention and get a dominant role in the company’s strategy.

How do product managers gain confidence? And can they earn more than developers?

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What Are the Ways to Become a Great Growth Hacker? 25 Useful Resources and Tips


Is Growth hacking a medicine for business or just another cheesy phenomenon that tomorrow will die?

It’s rather difficult to agree with the latest statement because the “hacking” technologies of the growth strategy are expanding year by year. This phenomenon is not so young, by the way.

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The Power of Pirate Metrics on the Example of a Mobile Dating App


In this article, I’m going to share how to optimize a mobile application with the help of Pirate Metrics framework (i.e. AARRR) which was created by David McClure. I will use a dating app Tinder as an example. So let’s begin. 

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How to Win Over Investors for Your Startup – Part 2


In the previous article, we discussed preparation activities before pitching your business for funding, different types of investors and how to find and connect with them.

In Part 2, we’ll have a look at how you can create a perfect pitch to attract potential investors and the most common reasons why pitching fails.

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How to Win Over Investors for Your Startup – Part 1


If you ever pitched startup investors, you know how hard it is. Investors want to bet on a winning horse – company that will become profitable in the long-term. Nobody wants to lose money but that’s the risk you take betting on horse races. And the same applies to investing in startups.

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Fail Fast, Fail Often: Can Losing Help You Win?


Imagine working on a product that should be released in 2 months. You are one month into the project when you discover a mistake made two days ago. And it can destroy your entire project. You think about the nightmare you will be going through when the boss finds out and start to panic.

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Solo Scrumming 101: How to Use Scrum for Personal Productivity


Bet you had days when you’d go like “Well… I replied to some emails, had lunch, researched the project I’m working on, surfed Facebook, answered some more emails, did some more research… and that’s it”. And by the end of the day, you went nuts trying to do whatever was left.

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3 Big Questions Every Tech Startup Should Answer before Scaling


Every company has a vision of where they want to be and what they want to achieve in three-five years. Sure, you’ve got a growth plan but how do know when it’s time to scale? For tech companies, scaling can become a critical issue: if you scale too early it will cost you dearly and if you scale too late you may miss the opportunity to lead.

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5 “Best Practices” IT Company Should Avoid


What makes IT companies fail? Surprisingly but the industry “best practices” that IT organisations adopt are often the reason why they fail. So if you’re about to try another “surefire” recipe for success, beware of these practices that are a formula for failure.

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Why You Need Agile to Avoid Project Failures


Failures happen every day to businesses in all types of industries around the world. In some cases, problems are the sole fault of the employees or businesses. In other cases, they may be due to the customer, including insufficient, over-ambitious or unnecessary requirements, poor contract drafting and contract management… the list goes on. So the question is: can agile help IT companies avoid project management headaches?

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3 Misconceptions IT Leaders have about Agile


Today ‘agile’ is a buzz-word, and almost every organisation aspires to adopt its ‘best practices’. Startups and mature companies go for agile in pursuit of its advantages – decreased cycle times, improved customer collaboration, timely response to change, and so on. Despite its popularity, there still some common misconceptions CIOs have about agile.

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5 Surprising Habits that Slow Your IT Development


As the proverb goes, hell is paved with good intentions. Most bottlenecks in IT development happen as the result of good intentions that have gone bad. In this article, we’ll discuss surprising habits that slow down your IT processes and what you can do to speed them up.

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