Don't Search For Your Purpose - Create It (Hint: Follow These 7 Steps) |


Don’t Search For Your Purpose – Create It (Hint: Follow These 7 Steps)

Don’t Search For Your Purpose – Create It (Hint: Follow These 7 Steps)

You might have heard many stories about people who have pursued their passions, found their life calling and followed it happily ever after. Deep down you may wish you knew your true purpose because the lack of it makes you feel lost and disconnected from life.

Most people suffer a crazy inner turmoil while they are trying hard to find their purpose. They want to know why they are here and dream to make a big difference in the world. They want to have it all and feel hungry for life and a deep connection with their work.

But for many people the problem is not that they don’t know their purpose – the problem is the way they’re looking for it. The thing is you can’t simply “find” your purpose. You have to take action and make small steps towards what you want in life (and remove what you don’t want).

So if you are looking for your purpose, stop looking and start doing!

Benefits of following your life calling

  • Joy: If feels great to find your place in the world.
  • Direction: You’re no longer lost and walk your road keeping your head up.
  • Motivation: Purpose brings meaning and motivation into your life.
  • Courage: Purpose gives you the courage to take action and take risks.
  • Clarity: You know to what important things you should say “yes” and when to say no.
  • Value: When you follow your calling, you bring value to your community and to the world.

7 steps to finding your purpose

1. Take action: Nothing will happen if you keep on sitting under a tree and waiting for an apple to fall on your head (Issac Newton was the only lucky one). Go and do whatever you want to try and then see how it resonates with you.

2. Shift your focus: Learn how to shift your focus from thinking about yourself to thinking about those around you. Always remember that it’s part of your purpose to bringing value to others.

3. Cherish your talents: Find things you enjoy doing and you’re really good at. Celebrate your talents and your strengths, they were given to you for a purpose.

4. Know your reason: Go beyond money, position or power.

5. Learn from people who challenge you: Don’t be afraid of criticism or that you will be seen as lacking knowledge and competence for a certain activity. Let people challenge you so that you can learn and grow.

6. Leave your comfort zone: Do something new or take your current activities to a new level.

7. Follow your energy: Step aside from things that drain energy from you and take up those that make you feel vibrant and ignite your spark.

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